Skirmish! VT Client (beta)

Join and play on any Skirmish! VT server.
v3.0.3-beta | | Windows

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The Skirmish! VT Client enables you to join and play on any available Skirmish! VT server. For local game tables we recommend using 1 client for the GM and 1 client for the player party. For on-line play 1 client is recommended for each player and the GM.

Skirmish! VT is a next-gen virtual tabletop to bring your RPGs to life. Powerful, yet easy to use, Skirmish! VT comes with an extensive set of features accompanied by a hi-quality content library. Furthermore, it is well suited for both on- and off-line use to either support your local game table or connect with players all over the globe. What makes Skirmish! VT truly stand out though is its powerful plug-in system which enables anyone to edit, expand or modify it to truly reflect the games they like to play. While Skirmish! VT is still in development this free trial is available now for everyone interested in testing the current build first hand.

What's New


  • The installer doesn't require the Visual C++ Redistributables anymore, which should make installation a lot less painful, plus it will fix some rare installation issues.
  • EULA will now show on first run rather than on installation.
  • High DPI fixes: Cursors now will show with their right size on High DPI displays, update window will now show properly sized, more fixes to follow.
  • Updated to .NET 4.6.2, which should give a slight performance boost.
  • Enhanced scrolling for enhanced trackpads and enhanced mice. Now scrolling should be smooth for trackpads such as the Surface Pro one. Also added smooth scrolling for non enhanced mice.

v3.0.2.2 & v3.0.2.3:

  • Fixed a rare issue where it would hang when loading a map for the first time and with extreme minimap scrolling.


  • Made map loading faster, specially on first load and on CPUs with few cores.


  • Zooming in 0.5% increments and a textbox for fine tuning, as well as a min zoom of 20%  (used to be 5% increments and min zoom of 50%)
  • Mouse wheel zooming should be smoother now (faster when zoom is close, slower when zoom is far)
  • Left panel is now hideable via the new User Interface menu
  • Chat windows and minimap now can be resized to be hidden totally


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Categories: Core
Current Version: 3.0.3-beta
Updated: 7 years ago
Released: 8 years ago
Purchases: 25200 - 25300
Works on: Windows
Developer: Skirmish Softworks