Update: Client v3.0.0.331b, Server v3.0.0.245b

by xavi - 8 years ago

An update has been issued to try to reduce "The server cannot be reached from the Internet" as much as possible.


Skirmish! VT Client

  • Fixed an error that could arise when importing a package and the temp folder and My Documents folder were on different drives
  • Although Windows XP is unsupported an issue that could prevent it from running under that OS has been fixed
  • Fixed an issue that could popup when loading old maps (shouldn't affect existing users though)

Skirmish! VT Server

  • Windows Firewall rules are auto added whenever the running user is an administrator
  • Windows Firewall rules will be auto-configured/fixed whenever the user runs the server as an administrator at least once. If it is not run as an administrator he will be prompted if he wants to do it automatically.
  • In addition to Upnp the server will also try to use NAT-PMP to forward the port on the router automatically
  • These changes should *hopefully* fix the error when starting the server for some users