Progress: Compatibility & smart menu update

by Smitemeister - 6 years ago

Fellow adventurers,
Today we'd like to give some more insight into the progress of our big Skirmish! update.

First off: In its current state Skirmish! is already working in a browser environment. This means all devices that are able to open a browser will now work with future versions of Skirmish!. Furthermore, not only were we able to maintain our tech level but we actually have a lot of options now to improve old features and make them even better.

While we are still in the process of implementing old and some new features into the new code, one of the new features we have already added is the smart menu. This menu adds a lot of accessibility as it is able to determine the desired player action by analyzing the closest game asset(s) selected. Simply spoken, if you select a character and click near a door, the smart menu will give you the option to open the door. Or if you click near a creature, the smart menu will show options on how to interact with that creature (cast a spell, attack, etc.). In time, this will enable us to connect the smart menu to the Character Stats plug-in, which will allow the menu to read and interprete character and rule specific data. For example, if Tyrone the Wizard clicks on a creature and decides to cast a spell the smart menu would show only the spells available / learned by Tyrone the Wizard.

Other than that we have redesigned the UI to be more icon-focussed and accessible as well. The screenshot above was taken from the current alpha. While it may look a little rough around the edges still, I think you can see where we are headed.

Thanks for your patience and stay tuned for more development news.


P.S.: We would like to apologize for the downtime during the last weekend as we have migrated to a new host. Sorry for the inconvenience!