Progress: Tab system & tablet support

by Smitemeister - 6 years ago

Fellow adventurers,

Today we like to announce that the base of the new tab system is already working. Once completed it will enable the loading of multiple maps and a host of other information all neatly sorted in different tabs. This is the first step for the ability of Skirmish! to store complete campaigns together with all relevant maps and characters within one single file. However, not only have we made progress on the main Skirmish! software. We'd also like to share that development of tablet and smartphone support is well underway. While smartphone support is designed mainly for showing/editing character sheets, item descriptions, the minimap and rolling (animated!) dice, tablet support will offer a more convenient solution when using map controls due to the bigger display. 

That's all for now. Stay tuned as we will dish out more info as development progresses.

Have a nice day!