Free beta access & Skirmish! VT development continues

by Smitemeister - 6 years ago

Fellow adventurers,

We know, it has been calm around Skirmish! for a while. Sometimes taking the step from turning a private passion into a public project - with all the calculations and general economic factors that come with it - can make you lose sight of what the project is about at its core. We needed to get some distance to reevaluate Skirmish! and where we plan to go with it.

As a result, we have completely shifted our focus back to development. We are now in the process of porting the Skirmish! client and its technology to a browser-based app while further improving the tech side. This step will not only allow Skirmish! to run on any operating system but also allow for graphical enhancements, more fluid controls as well as enable tablet and smartphone support. Furthermore, the new design also incorporates a (map) tab system and will allow us to implement cool features such as real time lights & shadows in the long run. However, as we also have our "normal" lives to attend to, the process will most certainly take us at least 6 to 9 months to complete. In the meantime we have opened access to the beta again for our supporters and anyone who would like to test the latest version of Skirmish! VT. We will certainly keep you posted as development progresses.

Thanks for your patience & support.